Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, "Anthroworld" was already registered ... So it'll be "Anthroplanet" !

Anthroplanet will be the natural complement to Anthroeurope : here, you'll find samples and anthropological analyses from regions outside Europe. It's actually just a convenient way to make Anthroeurope more readable : I don't have any eurocentric views.

Read AE's introduction before mailing me about my aims. Have fun !


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  3. Very good work, We need kwon our heritage


I've chosen to let people comment freely on my posts. Nevertheless, you'll lose your time taunting me and calling me a fascist (which I'm really not) : I pray you to read my introduction which will reassure that my intentions genuinely aim at achieving amateurish knowledge. I understand that you may not share my passion for the history of the peopling of the World, just don't let me know as clear conscience gained by bashing a humble documentary work is useless.