Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gaspésie : Québec (Canada)

The Gaspé is a peninsula constituting part of the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, in Quebec, Canada. It extends into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and is separated from New Brunswick by the baie des Chaleurs and the Restigouche River. This area was initially inhabited by the Mi'kmaq, a First Nations people.

The local population is known for a stronger Acadian and British imput (Irish and Scottish) than other Québécois.

  • Sample :
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  • Brief anthropological analysis :

- Type 1 :
Intermediate complexion (from dark-blonde to black hair, reddish undertones, grey eyes, ...), leptomorphic, large jaw, pointy chin, high-rooted and long straight nose, close-set eyes
~ Atlantid

A classical Western European type which is prevailing both in the British Isles and Western France, it might be more coastal French-looking when darker even though it's found in the British Isles as well (see samples from Poitou and Ireland).

- Type 2 : Intermediate complexion (rather dark hair, blue-grey eyes, ...), brachymorphic, a large and square-box face, little and low-rooted straight nose that is rather broad and flat, distanced eyes and narrow eyelids (pseudo-"mongoloid" look)
~ Alpinoid

Even though one could speculate about remote Amerindian admixture, it is more reasonable to detect that this type possesses direct counterparts in Western France in Poitou (see samples from Poitou) which is from where most French-Canadian settlers originated.

Some individuals - reddish undertones, large face, prominent chin, a convex nose on women, developed browridges - undoubtedly exhibit a rather Irish/Scottish flavour which would be more atypical in Western France.

  • Final morphotypes :


  1. Sur un autre site, vous avez décelé en B5 et C3 des visages vendéens. Je ne pense pas que la jeune femme ci-dessous vous démentirait :

    Elle peut aussi être mise en rapport (plus ou moins nettement selon les cas) avec

    Noirmoutier C4
    Clisson A3
    Mayo B1
    Kerry B6

    Malgré le nom de famille, un rapport avec la Vendée est également envisageable pour A1 : Noirmoutier B5 et D2, par exemple.

    D’autre part, on peut remarquer que
    C1 ressemble quelque peu à Kerry C8
    D1 n’est pas sans rappeler Moray C5



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